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Rejuven8 Cosmetics Inc. is the parent company behind the brand NAYELLE Probiotic Skincare. Originally founded in 2016, today NAYELLE produces many of the most innovative probiotic skincare products on the market today.

Ben Sawchuk first discovered the concept of probiotic skincare in 2014 when he acquired several formulas patents as a part of his development of Global Nano Products. Many of these patents were probiotic skin formulations, but were not commercially viable, as they needed to be refrigerated. Ben was very interested and took the patents to show biochemist, Peter Jurkemik. Over the next few months Peter was able to improve and create special formulations from natural probiotic ingredients without the need for refrigeration. Peter Jurkemik has since become partner and VP of R&D and continues to work developing new innovative skin care products.

Tanya Moss, Ben’s daughter, tried the products that Peter innovated and became a believer. She decided and invested in our company and is now Rejuven8 Cosmetics Inc. president. Her extensive design background and marketing abilities help to bring NAYELLE Brand to existence. Tanya had an integral part not only in brand development, but e-commerce and social media marketing strategies. Currently NAYELLE is expanding its product line and is actively pursuing online marketing to expand its customer base.

Sawchuk Insurance Services Inc.

Sawchuk Group Realestate

In 1984, Mr. Sawchuk started acquiring insurance brokerages in Northeastern B.C., and later expanded to Northwestern B.C.

The consortium of insurance brokerages became the largest ICBC Autoplan broker in Northeastern BC. Mr. Sawchuk built his insurance business from 5 million in 1984 to over 100 million in general insurance premiums before selling to the Western Financial Group in 2007. The sale was the largest private sale of independent brokerages in Canada at that time. These figures do not include ICBC insurance auto business. Sawchuk Group was the largest ICBC auto insurance brokers before selling.

This was all accomplished by building a Team that participated in equity in their company. Ben likes to call this his Golden Handcuffs strategy: two percent equity per year up to and at five years.

Sawchuk International Ventures Inc.

Sawchuk Group Realestate

Sawchuk International Ventures participated in international business ventures. Sawchuk would finance and and set up the management teams in order to accomplish certain business and philanthropic aspirations. One such project was the take over and operations of a milk packaging plant in the Ukraine in the early 90s.

A more recent venture is Mr. Sawchuk’s role as an Angel Investor in Easwara Oil and Gas Tech. LLC, a company that researches and applies methods to recycle wastewater from the Oil & Gas industry.

Easwara Origins Corporation

Sawchuk Group Realestate

Easwara is an ancient word meaning the original, or first water. Easwara Origins Corporation is exploiting technologies to reduce the demand on fresh water use in the Oil and Gas industry in Canada. The company can take wastewater destined for underground disposal and recycle it for reuse by industry. During the process of recycling the valuable water, oil is also recovered.

Easwara Origins Corp. is also involved in converting solid waste and municipal sludge into organic fertilizers and bio-fuels through its division: Easwara Agriculture and Bio-fuels Corp.

Pinnacle Drilling Products Inc.

Sawchuk Group Realestate

The Sawchuk Group has had success in the Oil and Gas market. In 2006, Mr. Sawchuk invested in Pinnacle Drilling, a company that supplies drilling products to Canadian Oil and Gas service companies and the mining industry.

Mr. Sawchuk’s long history and network in the north played a significant role in the growth of Pinnacle. In three years, Sawchuk Group was able to take Pinnacle Drilling from 250,000 to over $6.5 million in sales. The Sawchuk Group’s shares were sold to the operating partners, having met the Sawchuk Group’s mandate of early stage financial and management support.

Global NANO Products Inc.

Sawchuk Group Realestate

Global NANO Products Inc. is a research and development firm specializing in nano coatings. Global’s Chief Scientific Engineer is a world leader in nano product development.

Padre Financial Services Inc.

Sawchuk Group Realestate

Padre is involved in a joint venture development project in Costa Rica.

Quarter Horse Ranch

Sawchuk Group Realestate

A luxury Langley horse ranch consisting of 16.8 acres of pristine, private and secure real estate. Two stunning homes plus caretakers quarters are nestled in the Campbell Valley forest. Luxurious stables and incredible riding facilities with shop, hay & feed, 2 large indoor and outdoor arenas. Room for 25+ horses.

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